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    Servers restart every once in awhile to reduce lag. This does not mean that a restart will fix all kinds of lag so do not ask staff to restart the server due to lag. Restarts are not wipes they are just a daily reboot to the server. All of the times listed in this wiki go by Eastern Standard Time (EST) this is also known as GMT-5. Note that the wipes happen during the nightly restart.
    If there is a * that means the server clears ground items every 20 minutes (10,30,50). There is a 1 minute warning before hand

    Restart Times:
    *Beyond restarts at 12:00 PM/AM
    *Sky Factory 3
    restarts at 5:00AM/PM, 11:00 AM/PM
    *Project Ozone 3 restarts at 12:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 12:00PM, & 6:00PM
    *All The Mods 3 restarts at 3:00 PM/AM & 9:00 PM/AM
    *Revelation restarts at 7:30 PM/AM & 1:30 PM/AM
    *Direwolf restarts at 4:00 PM/AM & 10:00 PM/AM
    *Continuum restarts at 4:30 PM/AM & 10:30 PM/AM
    *StoneBlock 2 restarts at 7:00 PM/AM 1:00PM/AM
    *Odyssey restarts at 8:30 PM/AM 2:30PM/AM
    *FTB Sky Adventures restarts at 8:00 PM/AM & 2:00PM/AM
    *FTB Interactions restarts at 6:30 PM/AM & 12:30PM/AM
    *Sky Factory 4 restarts at 5:30AM/PM, 11:30 AM/PM


    Overworld gets wiped when a server experiences heavy consistent lag that the staff team cannot fix
    The End gets wiped at every restart
    The Nether gets wiped every 14th and 28th of the month.
    Twilight Forest gets wiped every 14th and 28th of the month.
    Deep Dark gets wiped every 28th of the month.
    Beneath gets wiped every 28th of the month.
    Mining World gets wiped every 28th of the month.
    Lost Cities get wiped every 28th of the month.

    BetweenLands gets wiped every 28th of the month.
    Compact Machines does not get wiped.
    Spectre does not get wiped.
    Void does not get wiped.
    Space only gets wiped if the server experiences lag due to this dimension.

    *Note: Any items lost from these wipes will NOT get refunded as there are many warnings beforehand of the wipe. Overworld wipes mean that everything is gone and nothing is left.*

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