[Open] Ur-Ghast Issue Preventing Progression in Twilight

Discussion in 'General Support' started by daliena, Apr 22, 2019.

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    Hi guys - I ve had this issue on Ultimate and Revelations. On Ultimate you are able to defeat Ur-Ghast but chest does not appear. And on Revelation - the section of the Dark Tower is redacted out of the world.

    Issue this is creating - player has to defeat the boss and drop then pickup fiery tears received as loot in order to proceed to the next phase of the progression. Currently this issue does not allow the player to progress further and therefore about half of the progression cannot be completed and half the dimension is unavailable to them.

    This seems like a mod issue vs a server type issue. But my question is - is there a way to allow progression past Ur-Ghast stage "manually"? Example workaround options would be
    -On Revelations - to do a trade option where cost would be appropriate value of defeating the boss and receive loot items (trophy+fiery tears) in order to progress (while player also presents evidence of getting to this stage of progression or progression validated via player data file?). Or trade lets say Dark Knight trophy (prev boss) for Ur-Ghast trophy and something else - like fiery blood from hydra for fiery tears by Ur-Ghast?

    -On Ultimate - I was able to defeat Ur-Ghast 3 times but received no loot - if there is a way to confirm the defeat of this boss on Ultimate and then manually request the loot items from staff (trophy+fiery tears)? Or do a similar trade type scenario?

    I submitted a ticket on discord for this but can't tell if I received any replies. Would really appreciate if it was possible to progress further. Thank you,

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    Was there a trade created for this?

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