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    The Store is a place where you can purchase items to support us besides of The Voting System.
    Note that all the money we receive is used to improve our network for it's users who may or may not choose to support us via this store or even through voting.

    Store Overview:

    When you first open the website, it should be quite easy to understand:
    • Top Right Corner: This little widget shows you how much you currently have in your "Shopping Cart". You can also change the currency the sum is displayed in. The "Log Out" Button only appears here if you have been viewing some of the items and entered your username. Make sure that the name you use is your ingame name. A single typo can mess up the items reward's execution
    • Menu: This bar shows you the different categories of rewards we offer for your purchase. Each category will be explained below.
    • Welcoming Message: A brief message from our owner you should read before browsing the store. It has some very important information
    • Top Customer: This shows the person that supported us the most throughout the entire month.
    • Recent Payments: This is the list of the most recent purchases that went through. If you purchase something it should display your name <20min after confirming your payment and you should receive your reward.

    Store Categories:

    As said before, our Store has multiple categories that will be explained now:
    • Ranks/Rank Upgrades: Those two categories are changing your in-game prefix and giving you a few neat perks. No in-game features are locked or require you to have certain ranks to progress with the gameplay, those perks are all just quality-of-life enhancements like /feed, /fly, /back or multiple /home's. This link explains all ranks and their perks.
    • Claimblocks: Here you can find a few kits of Claimblocks you can buy to extend the amount of space you have to build on the server. You can also get them passively by playing on the server or in the /tokenshop.
    • Chunkloaders: A chunkloader keeps your base loaded while you are offline! They use a lot of server resources so we have to charge for this feature. This link explains how chunk loaders work.
    • Misc. Items: Currently we only have the "Pay What You Want" option in here. This item has no reward, so please only use this function if you really want to support us without expecting anything in return.
    • Crate Keys: Read the Crate Key Wiki Page.
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