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    Nov 30, 2017
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    Minecraft username: AverageWizard

    Age: 18

    Time zone: MST

    Time with the server: About a month, maybe less.

    Server Administration:
    UEG (Gmod, TTT) - Little less than a year as a donator-mod, assisted with serverside plugin management.
    Gearbox (Gmod, TTT) - LUA plugin developer for several months before server died (lol).
    QSG (Gmod, TTT) - A year and a half as staff, half of the time as super admin before quitting.
    Stupid's TTT (Gmod, TTT) - A year and a half as a moderator.
    8-Bit Blocks (FTB, Infinity) - Little less than a year as an admin (at the same time as Gearbox & QSG).

    Work Experience:
    Rocketmade - Unpaid web intern at a startup which made web applications out of Polymer and jQuery.
    Onfire Learning - Full stack web developer on a digital education system (like Canvas). Technologies include jQuery, PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Linux server administration.

    Public Projects:
    NeonWizard (Average Wizard) ยท GitHub | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers
    Portfolio | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers

    • I'm in my third year of college for my CS degree, and love basically anything computer related.
    • As you can probably tell from my server experience, I love helping out on communities I like.
    • I don't have much experience with Java plugins, but I'm a very fast learner and given a codebase I can get the hang of it within a week or two.
    • Although I'm busy with school and work, I'm more than happy to help out when I can with whatever needs to get done.
    • Any criticism or questions are welcome!
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