[Closed] Spamming the whole server with a click of a button.

Discussion in 'General Support' started by FluffyNut__, Jun 30, 2018.

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    Jun 29, 2018
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    You are able to spam the whole server without punishment when you have the Lexica Botania. There is a thing called Share at the top right hand corner of the book, and once you press that it says, that you have shared this article with the server. I was wondering if that was already found, but I can't be too sure about it. It's in the purple text if you keep looking down at this thread.

    Screenshot - 5c6aeff98bc4baadb138678fc6dc0570 - Gyazo | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers

    It goes through The Sky Factory Server to everyone on it. as far as I know.​

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