[Closed] Petition: Enable Cloche on Continuum

Discussion in 'General Support' started by Bloody_Wicklow, Jun 7, 2018.

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    This is a petition to enable the cloche to work at normal speed on the continuum server. I was told that the reason that the cloche was throttled down was because people will make many of them and it will slow the server. I have three arguments to support the change back to normal speed.

    (1) On the continuum server the cloche is not a simple recipe as it is on other, non-expert servers. Therefore the amount of cloches that will be crafted will inherently be lower. Furthermore, to move the items around, via transport pipes, itemducts, etc. is also much more expensive. This will further reduce the amount of cloches running.

    (2) The continuum server is based around a progression system. A large portion of this progression focuses on immersive engineering, in which the quests call for the creating of a squeezer, fermenter, refinery, and diesel generator. Traditionally, these machines are used together, in addition to the cloches, to produce a mid to late game RF source. By slowing the cloche, a this larger portion of the continuum progression is affected significantly.

    (3) The new anti-lag system that is set up in the servers will identify chunks that are causing large amounts of lag and slow the ticks in those chunks. Therefore, the cloche over-use will be self regulating, in that if players decide to make many of them, the machines will be slowed anyways.

    Because of these three reasons, I think that the cloches should be returned to their former glory, and allowed to run at normal speed on the Continuum server.
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