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    Hello Everyone!

    This section of our forum is where you can report any issues you experience or ask us for more information about our servers! Please make sure to give us a detailed description of your issue along with the server you play on and (in case of a crash) also provide us the crash report via pastebin*! Those are usually saved in your modpack folder under modpackdirectory/crash-reports/crash-date-type!

    In case of a server crash or stall, it is usually faster to contact a moderator or admin in-game or via Discord, so try to keep those out of here!

    Also please do not accuse or mention other users in your reports unless they have the same issue, else we will treat it as harassment and will be forced to censor your post!

    *How to pastebin a crashlog:
    1. Open your crash report file
    2. Go on https://pastebin.com
    3. Copy the entire text of your report and paste it in the big text window
    4. Click on "Create New Paste" and copy the link of the website
    5. Paste the link at the end of your thread!
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