[Information] How to Summon the Ender Dragon

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    In ideal conditions:
    A structure in the center will spawn made of bedrock. It should be in the center of the towers. You can place the VANILLA item called End Crystal on the outside center blocks and it should looks like this..

    If the Structure does not spawn, or is Missing Parts of it:
    Sometimes the end will bug upon recreation, and it may result in the structure either missing small parts of it, or not spawn at all. If this happens you can simply rebuild the structure. You may not have Bedrock, but you can use the VANILLA item called Obsidian. If its simply missing parts you can just complete the build but if you must rebuild the entire structure move onto the next section.

    How to Rebuild the Structure:
    The first step in rebuilding the structure is figuring our where you are going to build it. This is simple, just go to the center of the dimension. This coordinate will be 0 , 0 on the X , Z axis. The Y level should be around 59 (this varies between servers).
    Step 1: Once you have found the location and have
    Obsidian, make this (use the red on the image for directions on the size of the object).
    Step 2: Create a layer just above the previous one on the outsides of it, should look like this
    Step 3: Now the final step is to just increase the vertical height of that center block and should end up like this
    After completing these 3 special steps you should be able to place your End Crystals as usual and the end dragon should be summoned! If you have any questions feel free to ask any staff member.

    Credit to: Babymillie

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