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Discussion in 'Apply for Developer' started by YourMCGeek, Jan 6, 2018.

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    Dec 25, 2017
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    IGN: YourMCGeek
    Age: 15
    Timezone: EST
    I've been playing on ShadowNode for a little under a month now.

    Leadership: I've attended many leadership conferences like HOBY along with my Statewide student government leadership conference. I am very confident, but also very recessive. I'm able to work with a team, but also lead the team. I feel that leadership is very important in life and I try to use enough leadership to help inspire self thought, but not to much where I sound demanding.

    Teamwork: I've worked with a few teams in my time. Currently, I'm looking to be apart of the sales team at Nexril Hosting. I guess I'd consider myself an intern at the moment, as I am on a trial period. I've also coded a few plugins and other projects with teams, including a coupons plugin and a BikeShare App (not minecraft related)

    • Teamwork Based
    1. GitHub - YourMCGeek/CouponCodes | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers
    2. GitHub - SuperNinjaCodingMasters/BikeShare-Project: | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers (Non minecraft)
    • Bukkit/Spigot
    1. GitHub - YourMCGeek/Gamemode | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers
    2. GitHub - YourMCGeek/Warns: A simple warning plugin | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers
    3. GitHub - YourMCGeek/MineHelp: MineHelp SRC | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers
    • Sponge
    1. GitHub - YourMCGeek/MyM-RTP | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers
    2. GitHub - YourMCGeek/SpongeUtils | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers
    Most of the projects are WIP, never completed or just inactive. Still, the code is there to show growth and development and they could be completed. MyM-RTP was written with 5.0.0 I believe. SpongeUtils was actually written for ShadowNode, just a fix to a few things that I've noticed during my time on the server, plus I know @NotTooSlick said yesterday that there was no command to see the wiki link. Thats fixed now :). Also Im attempting to work on a Hub Compass for ShadowNode. It will be a server selector, right click a compass and GUI will show up. Click on the block, representing the server you wish to go to, and you'll be sent there. Faster than walking to the portal or typing the command!

    I know my portfolio isn't the best for Sponge/Bungeecord plugins. But I really want to take this opportunity to learn from someone who has experience. I want to learn the code correctly, instead of incorrectly. I really hope that you guys are willing to take someone who, at the moment, isn't the strongest with Sponge and Bungeecord but I have the dedication to go farther. To quote from the CEO at Nexril, James, "I've yet to meet anyone as dedicated" (see image below for proof). Thanks for reading this app, sorry for how long it is - I just want to be thorough.

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