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    All of our servers use the latest Grief Prevention plugin (sponge) for claiming.

    How to Claim:
    To claim you can either use a Golden Shovel* you make, or one provided for you when you first join the server (some servers do not start with this). Every block claimed is accounted for. You can buy claim blocks from the tokenshop, or from the store.

    * Some servers have their claiming tool changed. The tool will be displayed in server spawn.

    First you need to check which method of claiming you are in, 2D or 3D.
    /cuboid to switch between them.. look in the chat to see which method you are using.

    • 2D means that no matter what level you claim on it will claim from bedrock to max build level (y 256)
    • 3D means that you need to claim in a cube and ONLY what is inside the cube will get claimed.
    Once the method is confirmed, if you are in 2D mode right click two opposite corners of the intended claim. If you are in 3D mode, right click two opposite corners; one at the lowest point of the claim, and the other at the highest point. You can right click the air or ground with a stick to see who claims the block you are looking at.

    How to Subdivide Claims:
    Subdividing your claim means making smaller sections in the bigger claim to allow people to build/access certain parts of your base. To subdivide claims, hold your golden shovel and run the command /subdivideclaims. This changes your golden shovel to create smaller claims. This is always in 2D mode, but it reaches to the highest level of your main claim. When you select two corners you see iron blocks instead of golden blocks. To get out of subdivideclaims mode, scroll your mouse wheel off the golden shovel, then back on it. This can be used to make towns and/or to sell plots to other players for currency (not tokens).

    Important Commands:
    *note: all these commands work for subdivided claims*
    • /claimsinfo to check information of the claim such as trusted players or the owner.
    • /claimslist to see a list of your claims.
    • /permissiontrust <name> while standing in the claim to allow someone permissions to trust others and run claim commands in your claim
    • /trust <name> while standing in the claim to allow someone to build in your claim, and access chests and other inventories. This command is the general trust.
    • /containertrust <name> while standing in the claim to allow someone to access chests, farm crops, tame/kill animals, use of a bed, and use of level/button/pressure plate.
    • /accesstrust <name> while standing in the claim to allow someone to access your bed and inventories like an anvil.
    • /untrust <name> removes the permissions of a person on the claim you are standing in.
    • /untrustall <name> removes the permissions of player from all your clams.
    • /trustlist shows you a list of those you have trusted in the claim you are standing in.
    • /abandonclaim this abandons the claim you are standing in
    • /abandonallclaims this abandons all of your existing claims
    ***If you are on Sky block/Cave modpack***
    To allow someone to build in your plot you do /area invite <name> and to remove their ability do /area kick <name>
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    Important note, if you are on Sevtech, please use a bone shovel. Please contact me as to how your time machine works! Sevtech is long gone.

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