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    This is a temporary issue that will get resolved upon wiping of the server map. This issue comes because of our new method of tracking tick rates, it is called "Tiquality".

    How to Identify this:
    If you are playing and you notice that some of your tile entities are not working (pipes and such). If this is the case proceed and read to figure out how to fix it. If all is working fine then disregard this wiki.

    How to Fix:
    To fix this issue is quite simple, get a blaze rod and right click the ground, within your claim, with it. If you do not have access to a blaze rod stand in your claim and run /tq claim. In order to check if this process has worked, you can either left click your tile entity with the blaze rod, or look at the block and hold down the shift key. After doing this you should see a message that looks like this (see spoiler titled "resolution").

    Detecting Lag:
    This mod also allows you to check your own claim for possible lag. You can run a simple command /tq profile 30. You will see a large block of text appear in your chat that looks similar to this (see spoiler titled "profile"). This may look a bit intimidating, but its quite simple. First, you will see the block id of the problematic item, it is expressed as mod.id. Then a D will appear, this D identifies the dimension that the mod is profiling, 0 is the overworld. The coordinates of the problematic block are then stated in the X Y and Z column with the number beside each point. The s/c column is irrelevant for this purpose. The final column is s/t which stands for milliseconds per tick this essentially tells you how laggy the problematic block is. The serious issues are ones that are 500+ s/t. The few lines after that state the information for the block you are looking at. And finally, the total ticks is the total amount of ticks in the claimed area.

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