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    Hello,I have been playing for some time on the shadownode network and would like to contribute as a builder.
    Minecraft username: cifo2.
    I have the Discord and MC accounts linked (Discord username: lakij ;staff changed to cifo2).
    I'm 17,turning 18 next month.
    Have been on the network at least 3 weeks,that is for sure.
    I currently have my main base from which I'm moving out from,and the new base which is still in progress.
    Current base: X=4403,Y=47,Z=1855 (the greenhouse,large glass building
    New base: X=4403,Y=118,Z=607 (take note there is still much to be done in the new base,not even half way done)
    Server: Revelation

    Imgur | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers current base(greenhouse,chisel & bits lightning symbol,main building with underground floors)

    Imgur | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers new base(marble tree with sun pattern below-used flat colored blocks to get color gradients,hanging gardens for botania,laboratory building for ME system,marble bridges,4 seasons island)
    If you are not satisfied with this,please let me know,I have plenty more to add,improve,etc. including temples,shrines,etc.
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