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    IGN: Bennyboy1695
    Age: 22
    Timezone: GMT But i'm usually not on mc until roughly 12am GMT
    I've only recently started playing on the servers, but have been a member of the discord for probably over a year now.

    • Admin:
      • I was admin on MyM for around 6 months, this involved creating, maintaining and fixing any and all the servers they had at the time. This involved doing things like worldgen, plugin configuration, finding lag causes and fixing said lag causes.
    • Manager:
      • I was one of the first of 3 Managers MyM had when the role was created. The role was completely as you would expect the hiring, firing and managing the staff below me. This involved also training them for their role. Training would involve setting up test scenarios for them to do with griefing, duping and chat issues.
    • Dev:
      • I became dev on Density while thomas was still there, he showed me everything he had developed and taught me a little about his plugin called Glue, which was a mod that would fix a lot of issues within mods. These issues would be things like appliedenergistics terminals having dupe issues when clicked in certain ways.
        While dev on Density i was part of a discord between multiple servers, this one included that would share fixes between each other.
    • Admin:
      • While i was Admin on Density i did a similar role as MyM admin. But i was also the systemadmin for Density, this involved setting up their forum (XenForo). I also setup the Pterodactyl panel for managing the servers and NetworkManager for network tracking.
    Ark Eternal:
    • I am currently the lead server admin in charge of 2 of this mods server for Ark. This includes hiring, firing and teaching anybody i wish to hire as a admin for the servers. And keeping the server up to date and as lag free as possible.
    Teamwork: I recently worked with two other devs to create a new ban system called NetBans, this project currently isnt public and has been temporarily suspended due to the other devs being busy in other projects currently. I was also part of a team when i was manager on MyM as explained above.

    All my public projects i have can be seen on my github - Bennyboy1695 (Ben) ยท GitHub | ShadowNode Modded Game Servers
    These currently are Forge, Sponge and Bukkit/Spigot projects.​

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