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    In game you can run the command /help .. this will get you a large list of commands that some don't relate to you as a player. This command was disabled on some 1.12 servers for this fact (it is pointless). Therefore, you can use this wiki to help you learn some basic commands. Commands not listed here are likely in the other wikis.

    Home Commands:
    /sethome <name> - this sets your home at your current location.. not specifying a name will default to "home". You can also add -o at the end to override a previous home (ie. /sethome mining -o) Note that -o WILL NOT be part of the home name.
    /home <name> - this teleport you to your home.. not specifying a name will default to "home".
    /delhome <name> - this will delete the home you name. For this command you must specify the home name
    /homes - this gives you a list of all your homes. You can click on one to teleport to it. If the home is marked with a red color that means you cannot teleport to it due to it being unsafe somehow.

    /tpa <name> - this stands for teleport ask.. it asks the player if you can teleport to them and they may respond or ignore it. The person will receive a message that looks like this.
    /tpyes - this accepts the teleport request that you receive.. you can also accept by pressing the Accept in the message.
    /tpno - this denies the teleport request that you receive.. you can also deny by pressing Deny in the message. (Magic I know)
    /tpahere <name> - this asks the specific player to teleport to you instead of you to them. They must accept like the regular one. (Note that this command is only for those with the rank of Shade+)
    /tptoggle - this disables players from being able to tpa to you. Run it again to reenable.
    /rtp - this teleports you to a random location in the dimension you are in. This may include deep in a cave or in the middle of the ocean. The command costs 100 in game dollars to reduce spam. See this (link) wiki to learn how to get that money.

    /msg <name> - this messages a player privately
    /r - this replies to the last person that messaged you (does not work if you messaged them).
    /gignore add <name> - to ignore a player (not see their chat) globally. It is recommended to do this in the lobby as they need to have joined your server for the command to work!

    /channel global - this specifies your server-chat to the global chat (everyone else).
    /channel local - this specifies your server-chat to local chat (only people on your server). Please note that if you ask questions while this is in use and players are in another server, they cannot see your question. This doesn't block our the discord chat.

    Island/Cave Area Commands:
    Sky Factory, Stoneblock servers use a plugin that adds a bit of integration for the islands. So along with the commands above you get a few more for your island/cave.
    /area create - this creates an island for you. (automatically sets a home with the island plugin not /home)
    /area home - this takes you to your island set home.. cannot be named. Set on its own when you create an island.
    /area sethome - this sets your a new /area home .. must add -o at the end to override a previous home.
    /area reset - this completely deletes your islands and starts you over fresh.
    /area info - this gives you some information on the island you are in.
    /area list - this lists all the islands
    /area lock - this locks your island so untrusted users cannot enter
    /area unlock - this unlocks your island allowing anyone to enter
    /area expand - this expands your island's claim. It is defaulted at 256x256 and max is 400x400
    /area setbiome <biome> - this changes your islands biome.
    /area spawn <name> - this teleports you to that player's island. Leaving the name blank will take you to you island.
    /area invite <name> - this allows a player to build with you and play with you. They must set their own home. Note that this does not remove a previous island that was created by the player.
    /area leave - if you are a member of the island you are standing on this will allow you to leave it.
    /area kick <name> - this will revoke permissions for a player to build on your island.
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