[Information] Application Guidelines for Builder (PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING)

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    In order to apply for builder we have the following requirements for your application

    - Your minecraft username.

    - You need to have your discord and minecraft accounts linked with the forums.

    - You need to be at least 13 years old (No exceptions)

    - You need to have at least been registered on our network for 2 weeks.

    - No Schematica or blueprints (anyone can use those)

    Physical Requirements

    - You need to have a reference build on one of our servers. (Please provide the server name and Coordinates)

    - Please provide screen shots of any builds you made on any other servers w/o mentioning server names (as per shadownode rules)

    *It is to be noted that ANY disregard to the set rules of being a builder for shadownode. (IE abusing power to harm shadownode in any way shape or form) is a punishable offense which could result in the loss of your rank, temporary banishment from our services or even permanent banishment from our services.
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