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    Username: einstein8612
    Age: 15
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    Hi to start off I'd like to state that I know the age requirement is 16 but I was told to apply so if this is a problem I'll come back next year.

    Now that that's out of the way I've been playing on Shadownode for at least a year and I have just around 4 years of Java experience. My 6th grade teacher's husband and my dad worked in IT and I was a smart kid so I got the room to learn about programming during most of 6th grade. After that I kind of picked up Java as my main language during CS besides C++ and the common web languages.

    Most of my work has been private as I've sold it but I'm willing to opensource all of my Minecraft related projects if needed. I'm hoping instead of public projects you'll be willing to evaluate my skill by asking me to make something.

    As for the experience part I've been part of some small Minecraft servers but they obviously didn't pop off. My roles mostly started as a developer and slowly working my way up to the management role under developers, granted this wasn't a hard thing to do as Minecraft developers often are people who have no real Java knowledge and type without having a deeper understanding of the language. As part of management I often took on more of a mentor role rather than a manager. After all these failed servers I decided to stop Minecraft development for a while but ever since I've been playing on the server again I've been slowly getting back into it and I'm looking to spend my time in a real server that I love and I play on and improve it to be even better.

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