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Discussion in 'Apply for Builder' started by Emera_d, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. Emera_d

    Emera_d Builder Builder

    Sep 10, 2017
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    Basic requirements :

    1.Minecraft username




    3.about how long this account is on the network

    I've been in Shadownode network for sometime, and just found out that builder application is a thing.
    So I looked up on the Guidelines, and got some helps on how to do application and as soon as I noticed
    that I forgot my shadownode account password, and had no access to the email for reseting
    (since I forgot the password after few years..)I got adviced to just make a new account and came back.

    If this doesn't count as 2 weeks limit, I would wait.

    4.the problem with linkage between minecraft account and shadownode account

    I was having this account problem for long time (same with email account problem from [1])
    and couldn't get access to my minecraft account after strange password reshuffel.
    I've tried to migrate the email account, but It was denied every time.
    And all I can play minecraft of is by auto login.
    So I could have linked Discord to the Shadownode, but couldn't with the minecraft account
    since at the last step of that was loging in minecraft account by external browser, which is
    not a thing I can do anymore.

    In case of this is a problem, since I can't do anything about it, I should give up.

    5.about-No schematica or blueprints

    My opinion :
    Why would someone use those if the joy of building is coming from the creator's mind and the finished structure?

    physical requirements :

    1.Reference Build on Shadownode server

    Server: SkyfactoryA
    Cordinates: x=7469 y=12 z=-8330

    2.ScreenShots of builds done before

    *note: I normally open a server just for building, just for me because of world edit.
    And also I use it only when massice surface is needed to be covered, or just to copy paste some same parts.

    One of my build rendered in blender by me

    almost finished state of the castle from top
    land scape made by world painter(tool)
    a airship inspired from guns of Icarus (this one took a while)
    this gate was build by cuboid brush from world edit to give a feeling of old, teared down bulky gate .
    ahh the magic of shader and texture

    I personally like building in general also interested in drawing & modeling.
    Just liked the idea to do modpack since it had a lot of blocks to mess around with..

    Thanks for reading all the long application..

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  2. healiethellama

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    Jun 22, 2017
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    Hi Emera_d, thank you for your application. Since you have regained full access to your account, your application has been accepted!
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