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  1. Mitz
  2. FancyTMan
    FancyTMan Aaron8059
    How do I join one of Shadownodes servers? Like Stoneblock or Skyfactory 3?
  3. Unleashed1986
    Minecraft Your Heart Out
  4. DogWithAShotgun
    DogWithAShotgun Aaron8059
    Hey, I was banned for "hate speech" can you elaborate on what that means. I think it's not very fair that I get a full week ban just for saying something vaguely related to a bad word while people's names are much worse. I understand why it is bannable but a FULL week is a bit much for a first time offender. Sorry to bother and thank you for your time.
    1. Babymillie
      For one this isent the place to complain this is a profile and not unbaned request forum, and 2 theres only 2 words that will get you banned, i checked and i saw what you said unfortunately the ban will stay and you can come back in 7days
      Nov 25, 2018
  5. PopularSean
  6. Septic_J107
    Feels good man.
  7. Septic_J107
    I am a gamer, (Of course -_- ) and i am a fan of Jacksepticeye. Thats about it...
  8. Sharpshooterr26
    Sharpshooterr26 Zovoka
    hey zovoka, i didnt know i needed to set a home in my area.. I dont know how to get back..
  9. jsmith322
    It's ya boi.
  10. ♕GeneralViss♛
  11. NatDoesMC
  12. Xnightrise100
    Joining for the first time!
  13. benfred
    Every time you go outside you are taking your shoes for a walk
  14. BioTom
    BioTom discotyme
  15. Carbonspeed
    "this is an inspirational quote!"
  16. KungDasQuebrada
  17. DestinyZombiez
    I like cookies.
  18. BubblyBunnie_
    I'ma happy Bean
  19. trexawwm
    Made this account just for one issue. Will prob delete when resolved
  20. dimondshot
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood WorkshopSafety Instructor